Land Bank Forms & Docs
The Athens County Land Bank exists to address situations of blighted and/or abandoned properties in Athens County. We target and acquire these properties through donation and foreclosure.
Properties listed on this site are currently being made available by the Athens County Land Bank. The Land Bank makes these parcels and properties available to qualified buyers through the following process:
  1. The two forms below must be filled out completely and signed.
  2. The Land Bank will do a background check on all potential purchasers (end-users) to make certain that property taxes are paid, code violations do not exist and that no liens or bankruptcies have occurred within the last five years.
  3. Once qualified, end-users will be contacted when the property they are interested in comes up for sale, or what we call disposition”. At that time the Land Bank may contact you to ask for additional information.
  4. Forms must be signed and can be returned via email (good scans only, please) to: or via US Mail to: Athens County Land Bank, 15 S. Court St., Athens, OH 45701."